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Event Fencing — Mesh Fabric

This is simply the best printed event fencing out there. Incredibly light, easy to use, beautiful to look at. Dye-sublimated 4-color print is standard. In fact, that’s all there is. Finished with hems and grommets, ready to er… roll

Standard is 50’ x 40” (15m x 1m). Custom lengths and heights are available.

10 x 10 Digital Print Canopy Set

Full digital print weather-resistant 600-denier top with a lightweight hex-profile aluminum frame. Price includes roller bag. This is a solid, practical, super-attractive and cost-effective event tool.

Accessories include digital print walls and rail skirts.

For larger tents, be sure to give us a call.


Flags is flags is flags. Or not, as the case may be. We prefer fiberglass poles, which tend to hold up better in the wind, and our flags are always double-sided, with a light-blocking layer in between. There are lots of ways to make flags cheaper, but if they don’t work, what’s the point?

Jersey Mesh Barricade Covers

Make those barricades your own! Fitted covers are manufactured from the same material as our popular jersey mesh fencing. Custom fit to your specifications, 7’ cover weighs approximately 22 oz.

Price for 87” x 33” fitted cover is $49.90 each.  Minimum order 10 at this price.

Finish Line Tape

Such a simple thing, but a good-looking finish line tape can make all the difference. Consider: all your hard work comes down to the money shot at the end. One athlete, one finish line tape. Are you really gonna scrimp on something so small yet so important? MPA finish tapes are printed double-sided on 7-oz blockout vinyl and trimmed to size without hems for the cleanest possible look.

We’ve listed common sizes, but we can produce tapes of any length and height. Longer tapes are best if you don’t want the holders in the shot. Use short tapes to make sure sponsors and VIPs share the limelight. If you prefer a Velcro break, add $8.50 to the prices below. 

Collapsible Aluminum Directional Towers

This is a flexible, portable, all-weather solution that includes a collapsible aluminum frame that will last for years, and good-looking, easy-to-change-out digitally printed 10mm Coroplast boards. Possible configurations abound. Options include four-sided and three-sided tower sections.

We can do all sorts of things with this hardware – even turn them into visually striking, rapid up-and-down start/finish towers. Aside from its size and visual impact, an important feature of this product is how easy it is to set up, tear down and store.

“Standard” Tower 4’ x 4’ x 12’ w/printed 10mm Coro boards and base plates

Free-Standing Outdoor Walls

This system uses a collapsible, modular extruded aluminum frame, and will accommodate either hard boards or vinyl banners. Built for outdoor use in difficult weather. Four-foot sections can be joined together for longer displays. Ballast on-site with sandbags.



Marathon Pacer Sign

Simple, professional-looking and effective. Signs are 10″ x 8.5″ double-sided digital print 10mm Coroplast board, with 36” x 3/8” dowel. Minimum order is 10 units at this price.

Price includes sign and pole.

Truss Cover Mile Markers and Way-Finding

You rent the hardware locally, we supply the digital print mesh cover. Lightweight, minimal wrinkling, stupid-easy to use. Cover slips right over the top of the truss. No Velcro or zip ties required. Custom fit to any size truss tower.

Coroplast A-Frame

Here’s proof that simple is sometimes better. Coro A-frames are great for sponsor activation as well as small-scale wayfinding. Standard is 23”W x 36”H with print on both sides. Base forms with overlapping flaps w/Velcro tabs. One-piece design ships and stores flat. Minimum order is 2 units at this price. Larger size (36″W x 30″H) is $75.50

(Velcro arrows are additional)