Blade Flags (Medium)


11.5’ with pole, double-sided print, with light-blocker in between printed layers. Includes pole set and carry bag.

Quantity Price
10 or more $119.00


Blade Flags or Teardrop? The choice can be purely aesthetic (which one do you like best?) or practical in terms of design. Round or square logos work best with teardrops, copy or word-marks usually look best on blades.

Minor point: Blades will flutter more in the wind than teardrops.

A couple of quality points to consider:

  • Double-sided sided flags make more sense than single-sided for branding and wayfinding applications
  • Double-sided flags should always have light-blocker between printed layers so art from one side does not show through to the other.  Ours do.
  • It’s handy to have at least 24″ of pole extending beyond the bottom of the flag. Looks better, and it’s easier to attach the flag directly to tent legs, poles, etc. Ours do.