Free-Standing Outdoor Walls


This system uses a collapsible, modular extruded aluminum frame, and will accommodate either hard boards or vinyl banners. Built for outdoor use in difficult weather. Four-foot sections can be joined together for longer displays. Ballast on-site with sandbags.



Price per 4' x 8' section with base plates and printed 10mm Coroplast board w/Velcro. $775.00
Priced as complete 8' x 8' unit (two 48" sections), including graphics (vinyl banner w/Velcro) and all hardware. $1,395.00


Free-standing outdoor walls from MPA Event Graphics set up in just minutes. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Expand the individual sections as shown
  2. Place multiple sections
  3. next to one another for longer displays
  4. Place metal base plates over the horizontal support brackets
  5. Add plenty of weight (sandbags are easy)
  6. Add a banner or hard graphics using matching Velcro strips

Free-Standing Outdoor Wall Instructions