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I’ve been involved in events, in one way or the other, for more than 40 years. If there’s a small, dusty corner of the business I’ve missed (including hanging banners in the rain at three in the morning) I can’t imagine what it might be.

What that means for you, our race director clients, is that the team here at MPA sees things from a unique perspective: yours. We know from long experience about deadlines and budgets and last-minute sponsors, plus all those small but important details that drive you nuts as race day approaches.

If you’re anything like me, you want stuff that works. You want stuff that you can set up and break down without having an advanced degree in engineering. You need stuff that’s reasonably priced, but not if that means cheap crap that lasts for a race or two before ending up in the trash.

The products we’ve presented on the following pages represent what I think of as a basic race director’s tool kit — items I’ve found over the years to be useful, even essential, yet sometimes hard to find. Where else, for instance, are you going to locate a portable 10-foot-long photo backdrop that will stay upright in heavy weather? Or a 50’ roll of printed fencing that you can hold in the palm of your hand?

This isn’t all we do, of course. Not by a long shot. But as far as race directors are concerned, this is the good stuff — my own personal bag of tricks. I hope there’s something here you can use.

Mike Plant

Event Signage

NEW! Digital Print Pennant Lines

A pennant line is a handy little product. Great for casual crowd control, course security and route marking in the absence of fence lines or barricades. But they’re mostly tough to find and even tougher to order. Poking around on the Internet you’ll find mostly cheap plastic flags that tear off at the hint of a strong breeze. And heaven help you if you want them printed. You’ll need buy thousands and thousands of feet at a time — and still end up with the same crappy plastic flags.

You’ll find our pennant lines to be a huge improvement. They’re dye-sub fabric so they’re tougher than plastic and will  last longer. Plus, four-color print is at no additional charge. Flags are a generous 8” x 12” and come 75 flags to a string. Best of all, art can change from string to string or even within the same string.  Alternate sponsors on the same string, or alternate your event logo with you big sponsor. Minimum order is just five 100′ strings.

Production time is 2-3 weeks after approval of final art, plus shipping to your location. Vector art is required. (.eps or .ai files)

ScrimLite™ Fabric Event Fencing

ScrimLite™ is simply the best printed event fencing out there. Incredibly light, easy to use, beautiful to look at. Dye-sublimated 4-color print is standard. In fact, that’s all there is. Finished with hems and grommets, ready to er… roll

Standard is 50’ x 40” (15m x 1m). Custom lengths and heights are available.

10 x 10 Digital Print Canopy Set

Full digital print weather-resistant 600-denier top with a lightweight hex-profile aluminum frame. Price includes roller bag. This is a solid, practical, super-attractive and cost-effective event tool.

Accessories include digital print walls and rail skirts.

For larger tents, be sure to give us a call.


Promotional flags are NOT all alike. We use all-fiberglass poles, which tend to hold up better in the wind, and our flags are always double-sided, with a light-blocking layer in between. Pole pockets are heavy denier fabric for longer life, and to prevent the pole tip from breaking through the top of the flag.

There are lots of ways to make flags cheaper, but if they don’t work..well, that’s kind of a red flag, isn’t it?

Note: Flags are priced to include printed fabric (double-sided), pole set and carry bag. Mounting solutions are noted and are at additional cost.

ScrimLite™ Barricade Covers

Make those barricades your own! Our fitted ScrimLite™ covers and saddle banners are manufactured from the same material as our popular ScrimLite© fabric event fencing. Custom fit to your specifications, 7’ cover weighs approximately 22 oz.

Price for 87” x 33” fitted cover is $49.90 each.  Minimum order 10 at this price.

Important Production Note: Barricades come in all shapes and sizes. In order to ensure a perfect fit, we will need photos and detailed measurements of your barricades. In most cases, an unprinted prototype will be required. As a result, please leave at least six weeks for production of this item. If you don’t have six weeks, be sure to ask us about “saddle banners.” 

Outdoor Fitted Table Cover

Table Covers

We sell a lot of table covers. And yet it’s hard for even us here at MPA Event Graphics to decide which style and material is best for which application. Outdoor, indoor, fitted, unfitted. Yikes. Each has their advantages and drawbacks. What we’ve learned over the years is that different folks have their favorites based on past experiences in the field. In the end, that’s usually the biggest factor in the decision.

One thing we do know: there is no such thing as a good-looking cover that fits both 6′ and 8′ lengths. Constructions that claim to do that are available, but they look like crap and cost too much, so you won’t find them here. Our best advice if you don’t own your own tables: keep one of each on your kit.  These things aren’t that expensive, and they will look best when they are made to fit, not to settle.

If you have questions about which table cover route to take, send us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to point you in a good direction:

Finish Line Tape

Such a simple thing, but a good-looking finish line tape can make all the difference. Consider: all your hard work comes down to the money shot at the end. One athlete, one finish line tape. Are you really gonna scrimp on something so small yet so important? MPA finish tapes are printed double-sided on 7-oz blockout vinyl and trimmed to size without hems for the cleanest possible look.

We’ve listed common sizes, but we can produce tapes of any length and height. Longer tapes are best if you don’t want the holders in the shot. Use short tapes to make sure sponsors and VIPs share the limelight. If you prefer a Velcro break, add $8.50 to the prices below. 

Collapsible Aluminum Directional Towers

This is a flexible, portable, all-weather solution that includes a collapsible aluminum frame that will last for years, and good-looking, easy-to-change-out digitally printed 10mm Coroplast boards. Possible configurations abound. Options include four-sided and three-sided tower sections.

We can do all sorts of things with this hardware – even turn them into visually striking, rapid up-and-down start/finish towers. Aside from its size and visual impact, an important feature of this product is how easy it is to set up, tear down and store.

Quoted price is for a standard 4’ x 4’ x 12’ tower w/printed 10mm Coro boards, pre-positioned Velcro for mounting and base plates. Event-ready (you supply sand bags for ballast).


*Hardware discontinued – Replacement Boards and Banners available for purchase

Free-Standing Outdoor Walls

This system uses a collapsible, modular extruded aluminum frame, and will accommodate either hard boards or vinyl banners. Built for outdoor use in difficult weather. Four-foot sections can be joined together for longer displays. Ballast on-site with sandbags.

*Please note: Hardware is currently not in stock, however replacement boards and banners for existing hardware are available.*


Marathon & Half Marathon Pacer Sign

Our pacer signs simple, professional-looking and effective. Signs are 10″ x 8.5″ double-sided print on 10mm coroplast board, with a 36” x 3/8” dowel. Put someone in charge of handing them out before and collecting them after the race and they should last for years. Since these are travelling attached to real people for 13 or 26 miles, a good-looking pacer sign is a terrific sponsor activation tool. (Sponsor logo on the sign, sponsor logo on the pacer’s T-shirt. If that’s not a quick $1,000 sponsor, we don’t know what is. And well worth it too.)

Minimum order is 10 units at this price. Includes sign and pole. You’ll have to supply your own pacers, though.

Truss Cover Mile Markers and Way-Finding

You rent the hardware locally, we supply the digital print mesh cover. Lightweight, minimal wrinkling, stupid-easy to use. Cover slips right over the top of the truss. No Velcro or zip ties required. Custom fit to any size truss tower.

Coroplast A-Frame Sign

Here’s proof that simple is sometimes better. Coro A-frame signs are great for sponsor activation as well as small-scale wayfinding. Standard is 22”W x 36”H with print on both sides. Base forms with overlapping flaps w/Velcro tabs. One-piece design ships and stores flat. Minimum order is 2 units at this price.

(Velcro arrows are additional)

Official Vehicle Decal Sets

We used to use magnets (which we still provide) until one of our large event clients grew concerned about security. Magnets, after all, are easy to steal and slap onto an unauthorized vehicle. So we came up with a self-installable decal package — one large one (18″ x 18″) for the door, one small round one (6″) for the inside of the windshield. Both are easily removable without leaving adhesive residue, but not so easily as to make them casually reusable. They also stick to non-metallic surfaces, and can be used in custom configurations on non-traditional vehicles. Minimum quantity six sets of two decals at this price.

Inflatable Arches

We’ve tried hard to source less-expensive inflatable arches, both domestically and overseas. Found plenty of ’em. The problem is, we’ve been unable to reproduce the quality of the work coming out of our partner facility in Southern California. And with this product, quality counts for a lot. Where most manufacturers use 7 or 8-oz material, we use tough, FR-rated 18-oz vinyl. Sewing is top-notch, zippers are of the highest quality. You will get years and years of use out of this product — and if anything goes wrong we can make repairs quickly, right here in the U.S.

Ours are the best, longest-lasting arches in the industry, period. We’re proud to sell them. You will be proud to own them.

(Pricing Note: Prices are for a blank arch, with sewn Velcro ready to receive replaceable signage in the form of vinyl banners. Scroll down for the banner pricing)

Be sure to check out “Inflatable Arches – A Buyer’s Guide” on our Signage Nerd Blog Page. Link is HERE.

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