NEW! Street Graphics


Per-square-foot price. includes print.


Street graphics represent one of the most effective, least utilized, promotional media in the event business. The simple fact is, people look down a lot when they’re going from place to place. Why not use that real estate to keep them pointed in the right direction? Or to remind about your sponsors? Or both?

At MPA Event Graphics we use a wide range of printed self-adhesive products for different situations — car wraps, wall and window graphics, etc. For sidewalks and roads — cement, asphalt, brick, etc. — we use a product called Asphalt Art®. It’s a thick, foil-based substrate that can be easily self-installed. It’s skid-proof even in wet weather, and rather than looking worn and battered as race week progresses, it keeps looking better and better as traffic (even vehicles) helps it conform to the underlying surface. It’s not uncommon for folks to remark on how great the “painted” street looks.

Best of all, Asphalt Art® comes up clean as a whistle, without no adhesive residue. We even use it successfully on low-pile carpet in high-traffic situations. We like this product a lot.

(To read Mike Plant’s Signage Nerd blog post on using street graphics as mile markers, click HERE.)