Official Vehicle Decal Sets


We used to use magnets (which we still provide) until one of our large event clients grew concerned about security. Magnets, after all, are easy to steal and slap onto an unauthorized vehicle. So we came up with a self-installable decal package — one large one (18″ x 18″) for the door, one small round one (6″) for the inside of the windshield. Both are easily removable without leaving adhesive residue, but not so easily as to make them casually reusable. They also stick to non-metallic surfaces, and can be used in custom configurations on non-traditional vehicles. Minimum quantity six sets of two decals at this price.



The large self-adhesive decal is easily applied, and can be removed intact, without leaving adhesive residue on the paint surface. But it can’t simply be lifted off and slapped quickly on another vehicle, as with magnets, giving the decal system an added level of security.