ScrimLite™ Fabric Event Fencing


ScrimLite™ is simply the best printed event fencing out there. Incredibly light, easy to use, beautiful to look at. Dye-sublimated 4-color print is standard. In fact, that’s all there is. Finished with hems and grommets, ready to er… roll

Standard is 50’ x 40” (15m x 1m). Custom lengths and heights are available.



Introduced by MPA Event Graphics in August, 2017, ScrimLite has been quickly and widely adopted because it gives event directors and site managers an opportunity to attractively brand large areas quickly and inexpensively. Foldable and practically wrinkle-free, ScrimLite sets up and tears down in minutes. In terms of shipping and storage, it takes up a small fraction of the space required for other fencing products. It’s digitally printed so there are no imaging restrictions, and it comes ready to hang, with sewn hems and grommets.

ScrimLite Fencing