Collapsible Aluminum Directional Towers


This is a flexible, portable, all-weather solution that includes a collapsible aluminum frame that will last for years, and good-looking, easy-to-change-out digitally printed 10mm Coroplast boards. Possible configurations abound. Options include four-sided and three-sided tower sections.

We can do all sorts of things with this hardware – even turn them into visually striking, rapid up-and-down start/finish towers. Aside from its size and visual impact, an important feature of this product is how easy it is to set up, tear down and store.

Quoted price is for a standard 4’ x 4’ x 12’ tower w/printed 10mm Coro boards, pre-positioned Velcro for mounting and base plates. Event-ready (you supply sand bags for ballast).


*Hardware discontinued – Replacement Boards and Banners available for purchase