Finish Line Tape


Such a simple thing, but a good-looking finish line tape can make all the difference. Consider: all your hard work comes down to the money shot at the end. One athlete, one finish line tape. Are you really gonna scrimp on something so small yet so important? MPA finish tapes are printed double-sided on 7-oz blockout vinyl and trimmed to size without hems for the cleanest possible look.

We’ve listed common sizes, but we can produce tapes of any length and height. Longer tapes are best if you don’t want the holders in the shot. Use short tapes to make sure sponsors and VIPs share the limelight. If you prefer a Velcro break, add $8.50 to the prices below. 

Medium length and height makes this a good general purpose tape. $129.00
This 12"H tape provides maximum space for branding purposes. $129.00
When you don't want the holders in the finish shot, long tapes in the 196" range are the way to go. $159.00