Flag Spike Base


One-piece 19″ chrome spike with ball-bearing spindle.



Our Flag Spike Base is such a common mounting solution that we used to simply include it in the price of each flag. But just because something is an industry standard doesn’t mean it answers all the questions. If you’re mounting flags in soft turf, a spike base is a great option — assuming the soft turf isn’t in a park or recreational facility where you’re not allowed to drive stakes into the ground.

As these things go, our spike base is a good one — heavy and durable, with a rotating ball-bearing spindle. If you need or prefer ’em, we have ’em.

Hint: Pound on the spike assembly when installing, not on the spindle. Your might find it best to place a short piece of 2″ x 4″ lumber on the top of the spike and whack away on that. It will extend the life of everything, including your fingers.

Also, drive as deeply as possible into the ground to ensure the flag stays vertical as long as possible. Tilted-over flags look so… sad.