Indoor STRETCH Table Covers (6′)


6′ Stretch Table Cover. 72″L x 30″W x 29″H. Digital print on 130-gram Spandex. “Three-sided” w/arched open back. Sewn leg pockets.


Our 6′ stretch table covers are designed primarily for indoor use or for dry weather outdoors. It’s a classy look for a lowly table cover. Be aware that anything but an exact 72 X 30 X 29 table will ruin the effect. (There’s nothing worse than a wet, ill-fitting stretch table cover trying to look sophisticated.)

These covers are “three-sided” because the back features an arched opening for easy under-table access. Table legs fit into sewn pockets at the corner, which give the cover its form-fitting shape.

One note about serviceability: because the legs rest on the fabric and not directly on the ground, using stretch covers on streets, parking lots, hard dirt or other rough surfaces can seriously reduce their lifespan.